RISK International Cyprus is a Defense, Security, Advanced Technology Safety and Training Company with worldwide interests, working and complying under the highest market standards.

We are the founders and the holding Company of International Armour Group and we pride ourselves on years of experience and excellent customer service as we were established by expertise members and professionals of the international safety and defense industry on 2001.

We are specialists in defense and security industry and we have invest  in the developing of training programs in order we meet all security training community standards.

Through and with our National and International network and partners you can find business opportunities in anything related to your safety, security and training.

Our industry registration and policy ensures that we are providing the quality expected from a successful establish defense and security provider and our philosophy is to fully protect your life, your business and your property through a range of innovative and quality technologies, systems, services, knowledge and skilled personnel.

We deliver WHATEVER you need, WHEREVER you need it, WHENEVER you request it, with safety and accuracy at the best market prices and under the safest conditions

Whether you are a professional working within one of these spaces or you are looking to expand, we are offering a unique set of reference in order to meet your needs.

The managing team
We are totally flexible, accurate, we have many years of experience in defense and safety business and we count on satisfied customers as they are our references and constitute our sales team.
Who we are?, What we do?, How we do it?

We provide all needed high technology equipment and professional services in Land and VIP Security industry though a vast experience arsenal of  teams and personnel. We don't blink when you want to be safe and secure! What you “need” to be safe may not be the same as what you “want” to feel safe. At RISK International we can provide you with both "need" and "want"

From the busiest ports of call to the most secluded ones, we are next to our clients!  Anything that they might require is only a phone call or an email away. We service any kind of vessel in any part of the world. With +1000 weapons at sea and with the experience MarSec personnel, we pride name our group as one of the most well established entity in the maritime security and shipping industry.

We are an international well established Defense and Security firm offering innovative concepts in national defense and private security solutions and policies with analytical expertise in a wide range of weapon systems for air, sea, and land based applications. We are totally flexible, accurate, we have many years of experience in defense and safety business and we count on satisfied customers as they are our references and constitute our sales team.

Technology has been integral to military weapons and spy gear for millennia and the field of military technology is advancing at breakneck speed. 
Our Company covers a wide range of new high technology products with and through contractual agreement with European and International manufacturers.

As official contractors of Kroll - a global leading provider of risk solutions for more than 40 years - we  help clients to make confident risk management decisions about people, assets, operations and security. Kroll is specialized in identifying, remediating and monitoring risk across your enterprise as serves a global clientele through more than 50 offices across nearly 30 countries.

Special training in firearms, VIP protection and executive protection, Tactical drills, Self defense, hand to hand combat, maritime and land security, counter terrorism / counter-piracy and many other.
In co-operation with our affiliates and our offices in Europe we offer high certified education programs. We give you the training and the knowledge you real need.

We have all the solutions you need in defense and security sector at  the right price and the legal way to obtain this while we never negotiate your safety and your Company's legality and reputation as  we only deal under high International and legal standards.
We are the holding Company of a group of Companies (affiliated, business and strategic partners) that are totally involved worldwide in defense, security and safety sectors, providing special services, equipment and personnel in all aspects of the scopes of our business.

Each of us and all together we cover all your needs in any place, any time and under any conditions.
With and through our business partners and alliance in Maritime Security industry and our expertise in Anti Piracy and Anti Terrorism sectors, we are keeping Global Land and Shipping Secure by providing full risk management strategies and physical security offering a full range of services and professional solutions for both commercial and private vessels that are sailing in high risk areas.
It's not what we do!
It's HOW we do it!
We only legal trade with countries and companies that are not under any sanctions by UN and European Union
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